Supporting victims, building trust

The Victim-Witness program of the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office was designed to create a more trauma-informed, compassionate and inclusive response for victims and witnesses involved with the criminal justice system in Douglas County, Kansas.

This team works to ensure that victims and witnesses are not further victimized in the wake of a crime as cases move through the criminal justice system. Coordinators act as liaisons between law enforcement, prosecutors, community resources, families, criminal justice system representatives, employers and schools.

This victim-centered approach acknowledges that the impacts of crime are broad, and no one “wins” in criminal proceedings. Our coordinators offer victims information about options available to them and support them throughout the legal process, even attending court proceedings with them to offer information and reassurance.



Douglas County (Kansas) District Attorney's Office

We are committed to fair and equitable administration of justice for victims & defendants. We work in transparency & seek accountability from the community.